The Branded | The Mission

Welcome to Branded

The Branded was founded in 2018 by an American entrepreneur, success coach, and author – Brandon Aristizabal (A-Wrist-Is-A-Ball).

The Branded is a lifestyle and personal development company created to help inspire you and and teach you on how to excel every single day of your life.

The Mission is to empower you to create a mindset to become happier, improve your career, get healthier,  develop yourself into who you want to become and live a better life.

Through the power of mindset, Branded will help you grow into the person that you desire and are meant to be.  We will teach how to apply techniques into your life that will help you achieve the ultimate success.

As you browse through our content and understand the Branded Movement, you will begin to develop the personal success that will change your life forever.

Branded will show you how to create the life that you desire and deserve. The tools you will learn through Branded will help you achieve the successful life that you deserve.

Get Branded.


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