3 Morning Tips For A Successful Day

Develop a successful day with these 3 morning tips to add to your morning routine.

It’s 6 a.m and once again that loud, obnoxious alarm goes off and you have to wake up from your deep slumber. ‘Argh! Just 5 more minutes,’ you say…

Yea.. We have all felt the feeling of dreading another morning to wake up for work or school. We feel groggy, tired, moody, and just want to lay back in bed to fall back asleep. Well, what if you could wake up every single day feeling energized, happy, and ready to have a great day?! I think I can speak on your behalf and say that is exactly what you want.

A lot of successful entrepreneurs, business men & women, students and individuals have been able to master the art of a successful morning for a successful day. It is not easy to acquire these skills at first, but I guarantee if you follow these 3 Morning Tips For A Successful Day – You will begin to have more successful days in your life.

1. Drink A Full Glass of Water As Soon As You Wake Up.

This is essential to having a successful day! As you should already know, water is the most important mineral for the human body. When you go to sleep every night for 6-8 hours (As recommended), your body becomes dehydrated. Even if you don’t feel thirsty in the morning, your body is thirsty and craving hydration.

Fuel your body with 20-30 oz. of water every morning. I typically recommend placing a full 16oz. glass of water beside your bed every night. When you wake up, sit up on your bed, take a deep breath and slowly drink the entire glass. After you get up and begin your morning routine, fill the glass back up about half(or full) way and finish it by the end of your morning routine. I personally use a 24 oz. bottle to place bedside that way I don’t have to refill a glass. Here is the bottle I personally use. 

Completing this as part of your morning routine every single day will guarantee you to feel more refreshed and thus feeling a gust of energy right off the bat. You will feel happier and healthier before you even get up from your bed! This is key to living a successful life.

Water fuels your brain! In fact, your brain is made up of over 70% of water. If you don’t fuel your brain with the water it needs, how will you be able to stay sharp throughout the day? Drinking water in the morning will support healthy brain cells and allow you to concentrate as soon as you begin your day.

Drink water every single morning (and throughout the day) as part of your routine, and I guarantee you will start having more successful and happier days.

clean clear cold drink

2. Meditate

One of the most practiced methods of a successful person’s morning is meditation. It is been proven to help you absorb more energy, eliminate any stress, and allow you to focus your energy positively. Developing a short meditation every morning will help you feel more energized in the morning for another successful day.

Your mind is created to only be able to take in so much information in a day. If you begin your mornings by scrolling through your feed on your phone, going on your computer to check email or turning on the tv – you are automatically setting yourself up to have a stressful morning and an unsuccessful day. Do not do this! 

Instead, develop a 5-10 minute meditation session in the morning that will help you build up some energy for the day. After drinking your first glass of water, sit up tall on your bed, a yoga mat, on a couch near you, or outside. Begin by closing your eyes, and take deep breaths in (hold it for 3-5 seconds) and deep breaths out. Repeat the breathing technique for about 5-10 minutes. While in your meditation state, DO NOT think about work, time, family, friends or anything that will throw off your concentration. Focus on your energy within as you inhale deeply. As you exhale, believe that you are releasing all the negative energy stored in your body. Truly believe this as you complete this exercise.

There are many types of meditations (Yoga, Martial Arts, Breathing Techniques, Etc.). Find the one that you feel the most comfortable doing.

Complete this as part of your morning routine and I guarantee you will begin to feel more focus, energized and alert from the start of your day.

adult architecture black and white body

3. Write Down Your Goals For The Day On Paper

This has been an essential routine in my life that has allowed me to become and stay successful. Writing down your goals on paper every morning will allow you to focus on what is most important in your life to achieve that day. It is a powerful tool that has been key to every successful entrepreneur’s life. Invest in a journal or notebook and keep it beside your bed to track your goals.

Now – writing down goals you want to accomplish for the day is not enough. You need to focus on what is most important in your life and how you will create goals that will help you achieve them.

For example, if you want to change your body and get in the best shape of your life. Don’t jot down a goal that says, ‘I will go to the gym.’ You need to really focus on what results you want from the gym and create specific, high achieving goals. A good example for this would be, ‘Today I will complete 3 more minutes on the treadmill than last week and raise my weight lifting by 5 lbs.’ Boom! You have create a goal for the day with specifics to achieve. You will remember this throughout the day and achieve it by the end. That is part of having a successful day.

Instead of creating a long list of goals you want to accomplish for the day, focus on 3 – 5 major goals you want to accomplish in your life (not just your day). Next, think about how you can create a goal for that specific day to help you get one step closer to achieving your ultimate goals. You may re-write the same goals throughout the week, but it is important to change your goals every week. Always up your game and aim higher than the previous week.

Remember your list of goals (Take a picture if you have to)! Repeat these goals to yourself out loud in the morning and throughout the entire day. Really focus your energy that you have built from your morning routine and take action! Only through action and perseverance will you be able to achieve your goals and reach the ultimate success.

black and blue plastic pen non top of black covered notebook

Utilize these 3 steps in your morning routine and you will soon begin to create successful days that will ultimately lead you to an incredibly successful and happy life!


Brandon Aristizabal



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