5 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Energy

Your energy is the driving force in your body that will determine how successful your day can be. If you are feeling sluggish in the mornings or in the afternoon, it is time to take action and give your body and mind the change it needs. Don’t fuel your body with harmful energy boosters such as excessive caffeine or ‘energy’ drinks. These will actually drain your overall energy levels in your body in the long run. Fortunately, there are many ways to naturally boost your energy levels which will bring you energy all day and improve as you practice them often.

Here are 5 ways to naturally boost your energy levels:

1. Exercise 

Exercising is a key essential to boost your daily energy levels. If you feel low-energy throughout your days, incorporating a workout routine 4-6 days a week will guarantee a boost in your energy. While you are working out, endorphins are released throughout your body which gives you a burst of energy to complete the workout. Releasing these endorphins often will train your body to have more energy naturally. I always recommend a strength training routine such as weight lifting or resistance training with stretch bands. Increasing your strength and building muscle will improve your metabolism, thus burning more fats which plays a huge impact on your energy. Along with your strength training routine, a cardiovascular routine is also important in boosting your energy. Cardiovascular exercises such as running, the elliptical, or jump roping will get your heart rate pumping for some time and burn those calories! Again, fat plays a huge part in lowering your energy levels. Burn that fat and gain some muscle with a weekly workout routine and your energy levels are guaranteed to boost naturally.

2. Breathe Deeply

You wouldn’t think your breathing plays such a large role in your energy levels. In fact, shallow breathing is something most people don’t even realize they are doing, but it is playing a huge roll in your low energy levels. Breathing is obviously what gives your body the essential oxygen that it needs, so why shorten your breath and not get all the oxygen your body can get? When you breath deeply, you are forcing more oxygen into your lungs, thus slowing your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure levels. This will boost your energy immensely. Take time in your breaths. Breath in deeply through your nose and exhale slowly from your stomach (not your chest!) out your mouth. I suggest also practicing a breathing exercise whenever you begin to feel fatigued or tired. Again, breathe in deeply through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for three seconds, and exhale slowly out your mouth for five seconds. Repeat for one minute total. Practicing this technique will be sure to boost your energy every day and improve your overall energy throughout time.

3. Drink Water!

I will repeat this many times throughout my posts. Water is the most important nutrient you can fuel your body with! Most people don’t realize that they are dehydrated most of the time, but dehydration is huge on impacting your energy. You need to constantly be fueling your body with the minerals from water. Pick up a water bottle, always keep it filled, and continue to drink water throughout the day. You should be aiming for 64 ounces (1.9 Liters) of water every single day. This is essential. Drink up and get the natural energy you need!

4. Take Your Vitamins

Mom was right when she’d tell you to take your vitamins everyday. Your body requires certain nutrients to maintain the healthy energy levels in your body. Getting the right vitamins in your body will guarantee to boost and maintain your energy levels for better, more successful days. I typically recommend the four following vitamins for a boost in energy:

  1. Magnesium – Found in capsules, spinach, avocados, and almonds.
  2. B6 – Found in capsules, bananas, fish, chicken and potatoes
  3. B2 – Found in capsules, almonds and mushrooms
  4. Omega-3 – Found in capsules such as fish oil, and some nuts.

Pick up some vitamin capsules or implement the vitamins in your foods and intake them daily for a boost in energy.

5. Mindset

TheBranded.com will stress time and time again – your mindset is the most important skill that you can acquire. Your mind is what is in control of your body. Without creating the proper mindset, it will be difficult to acquire the things you want in your life. Your energy is no exception! Practice your mindset, tell yourself that you have lots of energy. Convince your mind to give your body the energy it needs and I guarantee it will! Practice your mindset daily and your energy levels are guaranteed to boost instantly.

Brandon Aristizabal

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